Saturday, November 17, 2007

27th Annual Turkey Trot
I went this morning to cheer on my friend Margaret and her daughter Chelsea as they got off on their annual mother/daughter 5K. It was a gorgeous morning and I sat and enjoyed a cup of java and waited for them to finish. Margaret asked me to join them, she would walk/run with me if I wanted. Little did she know that I am so out of shape that I could probably not even walk the race!

While I was waiting at the finish line it happened!
This little lady crossed the finish line ahead of Margaret and Chelsea. I don't know if she ran the 1/2 marathon the 10K or the 5K but what does it matter she did it and I didn't. I wonder if her number might be her age?
Next year, I'll do it next year!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

We had a great visit with Ryan & Whitney in Santa Barbara, they seem to have settled in and are enjoying their new positions at the University. This is a picture of Ryan, Whitney and Murphy standing at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific (too much fog to see the water) at the Douglas Family Preserve Doggy Park.

We ate at some really great restaurants and sampled some nice wines. We started the Sideways (which was filmed in Santa Barbara County) tour but didn't get very far. We were newbies and started out each getting our own tasting of 11 wines. I knew I couldn't do very many at that rate so Whit suggested we share the tastings. After about the third my stomach was sour and I was getting heartburn. Next time we will know better what to do. We stopped in Solvang which is a great little Dutch town to stroll and visit the vintage motorcycle museum. (See Harley Chronicles for more info)

We look forward to our next visit with Ryan, Whitney and Murphy. Santa Barbara seems like a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Miss you guys!!

Resistance Bands VS Weights

I bought my husband and myself some resistance bands because I read that they really tone you fast. My husband is on the road a lot and I thought they would be good for him to pack so he could still get his workout in. My husband kinda poo pooed them, giving me all kinds of reasons how they are good for me to tone but not for him to build muscle. Well, he called the other night to tell me how great they were and what a good workout he got. I can attest to that since I could barely get through the whole workout and couldn't move my arms yesterday. And one great benefit is you don't have to make a fool of yourself like this guy did!!