Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She wants to be Kat Von D

My daughter Erin wants to be Kat Von D. Kat formerly of Miami Ink now has her own show LA Ink. I watch once in while, the stories of why people get tattoos are very heartwarming. When I see someone with a tattoo I wonder what there reason is or do they even have a reason. My first thought is not all warm and fuzzy like on the show. Do they get them just to be in? Do they wonder what the tattoo will look like when they are old and gray? We have a house divided, 3 for tattoos (only 2 of them have them) and 2 against. My son called me when my husband and daughter got there's and asked me how I could let them get a tattoo! Erin who is for tattoos but does not yet have one that I know of was Kat for a Halloween party. I guess for one night she was the Kats meow!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Southern Livings Best Sweet Potato Casserole

My friend Margaret reminded me that in the past, I had everyone bring their favorite dish for Thanksgiving. And there is one dish that I have to make every year, no exceptions. It is the best Sweet Potato Casserole ever! It came from Southern Living Magazine a few years back. One year my son's father-in-law requested the leftovers for dessert! So I thought I would share our families favorite Sweet Potato Casserole recipe. Enjoy!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

La Spezia to Portovenere

For the next rainy day we stayed and explored the Town of La Spezia, which was very nice. We found it truly Italian and lacking all the tourists as you see in the vacation towns like Montorosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Of course in the Cinque Terra region the towns are very quaint and colorful, so we enjoyed those as well as you will see. Anyway we decided to take a bus ride from La Spezia to Portovenere and explore a castle and church on the Sea. It was very very beautiful as you can see by the shot of San Pietro Church and the Harbor area of Portovenere.

Friday, October 26, 2007

La Spezia, Italy
Well, Let's talk Italy. We landed in Bologna with Ron & Jane to begin our great Italian Vacation. Opting to vacation like Europeans we decided to take a train to our Condo in La Spezia. So off the Plane and onto a bus over to the train station. Frantically Boarding the train with no idea where we were suppose to sit - we were off to our 1st stop! AGGGHHHHHH! We have to manhandle our luggage off the train on track 1 and go down steps, under a few tracks and then up the steps to another track!!! Now we know why Rick Steves' travel guide says pack light for your trip. Finally after a few more changes we are in our little Italian town. More to come ....

Sep 26 2007

The reality of moving has hit me!

We just recently found out we are moving. Jeff has taken a position in Cleveland, Ohio and will be starting on the 12th of Nov. We are going to miss North Carolina after 8 years!

As I was cleaning out closets (huge mess) and getting ready to list the house with our realtor on Monday, the doorbell rang. A neighbor asked if I listed the house, when I told her it would be Monday, she said no please don't (I thought maybe she was a realtor looking for the listing) her and her husband are looking to downsize and would love to buy the house. She had seen the house before all the renovations, she came in for the tour, mess and all. She is coming back tomorrow with her husband!!

This has me totally freaked out!

I will keep you updated as to the results.

P.S. Grandma H has been having a hard time with dialysis, she had to have a port put in her neck today. Say a prayer for her.