Monday, January 26, 2009

The Art of War

Take a look at the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. We are considering donating all of Grandpa's art & letters from the war to them. Unfortunately they want all the originals, so we have to decide what to do, grandma isn't sure she wants to, she would rather have them in the family.
Here is another of Grandpa H's letters to his parent's. Enjoy!
We received some info on having all his artwork copyrighted with the suggestion we have it appraised. (so for now I won't be posting any art). I am trying to get tickets to the Antique Roadshow that will be in our area. I would love to bring all of my Dad's art and letters for an appraisal.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wii Fit makes me laugh!

Not only do I get a work out with the Wii Fit, it was so funny to me that I laughed so hard I had a hard time finishing my run. As I was running along following my lead runner 2 large heads came up next to me and turned to look at me as they ran pass me, it was Jeffwii and Stevewii. It was so unexpected to have my husband and his friend run past me, I laughed my head off. Here I am getting ready to ski through the flag gates. Didn't do to well at that one or the soccer balls coming at my head, but I did do really well at the yoga portion. Anyway, my workout flew by and I look forward to trying again tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Heck of a Soldier

Hi Everyone,
Well the Holidays are over and I am back in Carolina with my long list of things to do. One of them is to scan all my dads letters that he wrote during the war to his parents and sister. It is quite interesting to read how grateful he was for all the army did for him. I wonder if soldiers now a days appreciate things like they did during WWII. Anyway, I hope you enjoy his 1st letter home.