Monday, January 26, 2009

The Art of War

Take a look at the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. We are considering donating all of Grandpa's art & letters from the war to them. Unfortunately they want all the originals, so we have to decide what to do, grandma isn't sure she wants to, she would rather have them in the family.
Here is another of Grandpa H's letters to his parent's. Enjoy!
We received some info on having all his artwork copyrighted with the suggestion we have it appraised. (so for now I won't be posting any art). I am trying to get tickets to the Antique Roadshow that will be in our area. I would love to bring all of my Dad's art and letters for an appraisal.


  1. I love this. It's so cool that you are doing this. I hope you make in onto Antiques Roadshow.

    I love the little face at the top.

  2. Would you have to give all of them to the LOCVHP?

  3. I love the letters from your Dad to his folks. What an optimistic and pleasant guy even at a young age.