Thursday, February 12, 2009

For all the nose pickers out there

Quit picking your F#*+ing nose in public people!

I have been traveling quite a bit lately and I am amazed at the people that pick their nose and think that no one sees them and on top of it, they try to flick the booger off their finger nonchalantly thinking no one will realize what they are doing. GET REAL..........
This past weekend while waiting for my flight a women, dressed very nice and pretty, started picking her nose and daintily tried to flick it off her finger. Then the women traveling with her did the same thing. Our gate was right next to the restroom, why couldn't they get up off their asses and go use some tissue in the restroom.

On one recent flight I just happened to somehow get lucky and was upgraded to first class. I sat across from a clean cut gentleman, looked like mid forties and dressed preppy. He must of forgotten where he was because he was into reading his book and digging for gold and then rolling the booger around in his fingers trying to flick it off into the isle and it wouldn't flick off. He was flicking like crazy all the while reading his book. This is why you should always use a tissue even when your at home alone, then it won't be a bad habit that you do in public. Yuk! Think of all the times that you had some little speck of something dried on your pants, I will never again try to scratch it off with my fingernail.

My other pet peeves are coughing and not covering your mouth, sneezing without covering your nose and burping. Lord help us that some people are too lazy to have some good habits in public.

You'll never catch me doing it!


  1. I was just scratchin my nose ..... really!!!!

  2. HAHA...this made me laugh (at work). I read it on my phone. I hope I don't do that...j/k I would never being your daughter :)